Wulff Den Deli

Professional Sharpening and Repair.

Knives (Kitchen, Hunting)
Shears (Salon and Dog Grooming)
Clippers (Salon, Dog Grooming, Horse)
Tools (Chisels, Saws, Garden)


We are Authorised Stockists of Kanpeki Precision Scissors. High Quality Japanese Steel Scissors for Hair Dressing Salons and Dog Groomers. We are also Authorised Sharpeners & Repairers in Berkshire.

We source the Finest Quality Japanese Kitchen Knives and custom sharpen them for ultra performance!
Using Damascus Super Steel, Our knives are built to last.

Professional Japanese Chef Knife 8-inch Professional Japanese Santoku Knife 7-inch Professional Japanese Cleaver 7-inch Professional Japanese Boning Knife 6-Inch Professional Japanese Utility Knife 5-Inch

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Professional Japanese Knives VG-10 67 Layer Damascus Steel

Browser our collection of Professional Quality Japanese Knives. Made from 67 layer Damascus Steel

Our Knives

Our Signature Collection

The Titan

A truly unique wood and resin handle for comfort and control. King of the blades.

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The Toben

A beautifully crafted handle for a beautifully crafted knife.

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The Shadow

A smoky handle brings this elegant knife to life. Performs as good as it looks.

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The Aspen

Unique and Mesmerizing. A knife of perfection. 

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Kanpeki Serpent Kanpeki Black Monet Kanpeki Picasso Kanpeki Rembrandt Rose Gold Kanpeki Monet Thinner

Brand new

Kanpeki Precision Scissors

Take a look at our exciting new range of Kanpeki Scissors. Crafted from the highest quality Japanese Stainless Steels with innovative and creative designs!

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From the workshop

Professional Sharpening Services

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