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Carbonroq Executive 7 Piece Knife Block Set

"San-Mai" 3 layer AUS410 Damascus Steel (Pattern Welded) wrapping a VG-10 High-Carbon Core. Superior corrosion resistance with an outstanding edge for cutting performance.

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Carbonroq Island 8 Piece Knife Block Set

A more traditional Japanese Style. With lighter Olive Wood Handles and AUS10 Damascus Steel. Pattern Weld Construction which results in a beautiful patterned blade.

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The Titan Chef - Signature Collection

Each knife is unique. The wood and blue resin handle gives this knife an exquisite look and feel. With great balance and razor sharp edge, this is a true gem to have in your kitchen

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Carbonroq Horizon Collection

Ergonomically designed for superior control and comfort. Forge Welded 67 Layer VG-10 Super Steel. Outstanding Edge Retention and Corrosion Resistance.

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Carbonroq Executive Collection

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Carbonroq Island 8 Piece Japanese Knife Block Set

New Design

The Carbonroq Island Knife Block Set

AUS10 Damascus Steel. Features Seven Knives, Diamond Honing Steel and Bamboo Knife Block. Super Sale Now ON !!

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