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Sharpening vs Honing

7 Nov 2022

Sharpening and Honing


You may ask "How often do i need to sharpen my knives?"

Knife Angles DiagramThe answer comes from understnading the difference between sharpening and honing. Lets elaborate:

Sharpening is essentially creating a new 'edge' on the knife blade. typically this is 30° inclusive angle.

This means that if we dissect the blade each side will be at 15°.

As we use the knife the top of the edge begins to wear and this causes it to 'roll over' - which to us feels like the knife isnt cutting as well as it did.

This is when we need to hone. to realign the edge - make it straight again.



You can see in the image to the left, a new edge, a rolled edge and a honed edge. But how is it done?

Sharpening is done on whetstones, grinding wheels, belt sanders (using trizact belts). Its the process of removing steel to reshape the edge into a sharp point.

Honing is the process of using a smooth whetstone, or more commonly a honing steel / rod, to re-align the edge and restore that 'sharp cutting feeling'

At Wulff Den Deli we provide sharpening services: To put a new edge on your knife. This can include re-profiling (fixing the shape of the blade), fixing any tip damages (from dropping the knife, or opening paint cans! - please dont open paint cans with your knives!) to re-heeling which is similar to profiling in that the blade is straightened and does not have any arches which would prevent chopping through food without the need for slicing too.

We also provide Premium Grade Ceramic Honing steels with ABS handles. Ceramic is harder than steel and very smooth, making it ideal to realign rolled edges. Yes, Honing does also remove steel!