Carbonroq Kuro Bara

The Carbonroq Kuro Bara Japanese Knife Set

by Wulff Den Deli

Kuro Bara - Meaning Black Rose in Japanese. Handles made from Rosewood and black micarta accentuate the stunning appearance of these knives and compliment their design. The steel is hammer forged 1095 and 15N20, 212 layers Damascus. Finished with a beautiful patterned blade.

1095 and 15N20 combine to give an outstanding hardness of around 63 HRC (Hardness Rockwell C Scale) while providing excellent edge retention.

An authentic Japanese Knife Set consisting of:

The Gyutou. Equivalent to the more commonly known Chef Knife. General Usage.

The Santoku. An all purpose knife.

The Sujihiki. A carving or slicing knife.

The Petty. A Pairing or Fruit Knife for more delicate and deft tasks.

The Nakiri. Based on the Chinese Cleaver. Outstanding Vegetable chopper.

Each set is presented in a bespoke custom fit Leather Knife Roll. Fitting each knife perfectly.

A unique and Master Crafted Japanese Knife Set exclusive to Wulff Den Deli.