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Carbonroq ® is the registered trademark, solely owned by Wulff Den Deli Ltd
It is our exclusive brand of knives.
All Carbonroq Knives have been designed and constructed to the highest quality. Selected Steels and manufacturing techniques coupled with stylish and elegant design form as the basis for our brand.
High grade steels such as VG10, D2, 1095, 15N20, AUS10 are used in various ways to produce the billets which are forged into our superior blades. By combining low and high content carbon steels, we can achieve a balance of hardness, durability and corrosion resistance while also providing an exquisite razor sharp edge for excellent performance.

What makes a Carbonroq Knife so special?

High Quality Steels as mentioned, comfortable handles wrapping full tang blades with riveted intricate pins for strength, but the one key defining feature which our customers have found to be better than all other knives they have used before is the custom sharpening on our blades.
The knives are exquisitely sharpened in-house at our UK workshop
You have to try them to believe it!