Photos from The Wulff Den Forge


 Wulff Den Deli Onyx Cleaver
wulff den deli onyx cleaver This Onyx Cleaver with its beautiful blade has been Custom Sharpened with a 25° edge. Razor sharp and finished with a mirror polish.
Santoku 7"
This Santoku 7" blade was dull and the blade blunt with minor serrations from improper sharpening. Resharpened to 30° and given a delightful polishing.
Santoku Knife with a mirror finish
Onyx Knife Collection
Onyx Japanese Knife Set Onyx 4 piece Set (Santoku, Cleaver, Chef and Boning Knife). Customer wanted a custom edge and sparkling mirror finish. They came out beautifully!
Carbonroq Executive Chef Knife
Here we are doing a re-profile on a Carbonroq Executive Chef Knife. Customer wanted 2 different angles on each side. A flatter 8° and a 15°. An interesting customisation! This is done on the Tormek T8 water cooled sharpening machine.  Carbonroq Executive Chef Knife Sharpened on Tormek