Knife Guide

Which Knife Is Right For You?

So you've decided its time to invest in a knife. After all, knives are the essential tools we use to prepare our food. But which knife do you get?

This is a great question and we've prepared a little guide to help you decide.

First thing to answer is

"What types of food do i enjoying cooking, and how often do i make these sorts of dishes?"

We've all been there, trying to slice an onion only for the last few layers to pop out to the side. Or slicing a tomato and it just gets a bit battered and squashed. Trying to use a bread knife to cut a chicken roast...

It might sound trivial, but using the correct knife makes the task at hand easier with better results. it also lends to the enjoyment of making your dishes. Buying a complete knife set obviously makes the choice an easy one, but if you need a specific knife, we hope you find this guide helpful in making that decision.

Here's a breakdown of our Carbonroq Executive Collection which explains each knife. After that we'll dive into each one and its suitability.

Knife Types Guide

The Chef Knife:

 Carbonroq Executive Chef Knife

The basis of most knife collections. Commonly made with an 8 inch blade. Its the general go-to knife for preparing fresh ingredients. It can chop, dice and slice. A good chef knife should feel comfortable and have good steel as it can get alot of use in the kitchen.
The Santoku:
Carbonroq Executive Santoku Knife
With many designs and stylish looks its a kitchen favourite. Found with hollow ground features, these create less friction and keep food from sticking to the knife. A Subtle difference is technique. Santoku Knives allow for a 'straighter' or up-down chop as opposed to the rocking-chopping. Like the chef, its great for slicing, dicing and chopping and can excel at thinner requirements.
The Bread Knife:
Carbonroq Executive Bread Knife
I dont think we need to spend too much time on this one. In a nutshell, nothing cuts bread like a bread knife.
Slicing / Carving Knife:
Carbonroq Carving Knife
With a longer thinner blade, its main task is carving. Could you use a Chef or Santoku instead? Probably, but a longer thinner blade will glide through meat and fold it over to land perfectly on your board.
Boning Knife:
Carbonroq Boning Knife
A much more flexible blade and tapered tip makes this a deft knife to work around bones and joints. Also gives cleaner cuts around the bones for a better presentation.
Utility Knife:
Carbonroq Utility Knife
A proper multi-tasking knife. its the inbetweener of the chef and pairing knives. It can slice herbs, smaller vegetables, peel, split, julien and so on. At least on par to popularity and use as the chef, if not more. A must have in the kitchen for its versatility.
Pairing Knife:
Carbonroq Pairing Knife
Ideal for fruits and Vegetables. Peeling and slicing. With a fine edge, it glides through fruit with ease. Great for those smaller delicate tasks.
Did we miss one?
Nope! And finally:
The Cleaver:
Onyx Cleaver Knife
Two types of cleaver. The heavy duty 'chop through bone' kind, and the more lighter duty vegetable slicer.
With a squared tip, stacking vegetables and just getting through them is a breeze for cleavers. Its what they love doing.
We hope you found these explanations helpful.
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