Loyalty Rewards Program

A great way to save on your next purchase!

Our Customer Loyalty Rewards Program is simple, fun and dynamic!
In the bottom right corner of our site, you will see our rewards icon which also has directions for signup, referrals etc.
Loyalty Rewards Program Icon
This is how it works:
When you sign up, your customer account get added to our rewards program. just for this you earn 40 points!
Upon any purchase made, for each £1 spent you earn 10 points.
Refer a friend or family member and you will earn 100 points while they get 40 points for signing up.
Some products also have bonus points which are in addition to the normal reward points.
We also have a VIP membership scheme, which is by invitation only. The VIP Membership enables customers to earn 2x normal reward points.
Redeeming is easy.

£5 Off Voucher  1000
£10 Off Voucher  2000
£20 Off Voucher  3500
30% Off Voucher  10000
50% Off Voucher 25000


Simply login to you account, click on the reward icon to bring up your dashboard, then click on redeem tab. select the reward which you have earned.

Your voucher code will be emailed to you which you can use at the checkout phase of your purchase.

To refer a friend, on the 'Earn Points tab' click the 'share link alongside the refer a friend option and send that link to them. when they sign up, your points get automatically added.

The T's and C's:

Voucher codes can only be used once.

They are non transferable.

You may not sell the voucher codes.

Voucher codes can only be used for purchases on our site (wulffdendeli.com).

They cannot be exchanged for cash.

Wulff Den Deli Ltd reserve the right to remove a customer from the program if they are found to be in breach of these terms and conditions.