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Professional Sharpening

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Professional Sharpening

Is your knife just not cutting it anymore?

You've tried sharpening yourself, but cant restore that smooth cutting performance?

We are here to help!

With many years experience, we understand that having a sharp knife is essential. It not only gives one the confidence to cut where you want / need to cut, but its safer too. The blade wont slip, or squash your food, making the experience more enjoyable and the presentation of your food better.

What do our services include?

Re-Profiling: This is essentially the process of reshaping the knife into the proper dimensions. For example, if the tip breaks; we can reshape the knife to look as if the tip never broke off in the first place. Or perhaps if you get a big chip into the edge. we can remove the steel and straighten the bottom before resharpening.

Tip Repair: As the name implies. we can fix the tip of your knife and put that 'point' back on and do it in such a way that it will look as if the tip never broke off.

Re-Heeling: This is the process of straightening the edge of your knife so that it can rest flat against a surface. Sometimes when you sharpen a knife, the back and forth method will remove more steel from the centre of the blade creating an arch. by similar process of re-profiling, we can straighten the edge by removing slightly more steel from the heel so that you can once again chop and slice downward as opposed to slicing in a rocking motion.

Sharpening: Let us restore that new feel with a professional sharpening. Did you know that there is a difference between sharpening and honing? Read our article here for more information. We put a fresh angle on your knife and restore that lovely smooth cutting performance. We normally put a 30° inclusive angle on (15° each side) which is great for both the cutting performance and edge retension. Having a very acute angle may give a scalple edge and cut like a hot knife through butter, but it will dull faster than a larger,  stronger angle. Too obtuse and you have an axe. The angle will last longer, but you wont be cutting anything finely.

We provide a collection service where we arrange our couriers to collect your knives from you. We will advise how to package them to ensure they transit safely to our workshop.

Prices start from as little as £3.00 per blade for sharpening (excluding collection / return postage). Collection and Return costs £16.00. For more information, please contact us via email:

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