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Custom Knife Sharpening Edge


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Would you like a specific angle on your knife?

Let us advise on the best angle for your blade.
We know that different knives perform better with different angles. The keener the edge, the finer the slice, but the more honing and sharpening it will require. 
A good all round angle for most kitchen knives is 30° (15° on each side).
For finer jobs, for eg, Sushi knives, they tend to have much smaller angles and even have a 0° on one side, giving them a scalpel feel. Immensely sharp for delicate work.
Get a free custom angle with any purchase of our knives. simply add this to the check out with your purchase. We will contact you to confirm prior dispatching.
Else, give us a call if you would like to change the angle on your existing knives. We can arrange courier collection too.