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Regular price £6.50

Expert Knife Sharpening

At our dedicated and fully fitted workshop, we will sharpen your knife and restore the edge to its very best.

Factory sharpen may feel good upon first use, but will loose its performance. our custom angle sharpening will improve performance and extend the life of your blade edge.

To arrange a collection or bespoke quote, please get in touch via the "Ask a Question" or "About Us" page. Or simply give us a call on +44 776040 3939 or email

Price Guide for Knife Sharpening Services:

 Service Price Additional
Knife Sharpening
£6.50 ea Local Collection (Berkshire) / Self Postage
Courier Collection £7.50 We cover return postage


When posting your knives, please ensure they are wrapped securely with the tip of the knife well covered. This is for safety reasons and to avoid any injury to anyone and damage to packaging during transit.

When checking out, please add Quantity of Knife Sharpening and separately add Courier Service if required.

We will contact you with a suitable time either for collection or courier pickup.